Friday, 26 November 2010

Art Beat London

Hello All
Just to let you know my work will be for sale, along side six other artists at the art beat London Pop up gallery

2 Russell Street- Covent Garden, WC2B 5JD
From 26th of November - 1st of January 2010

So pop in and have a look .

Friday, 5 November 2010

Ann Rotherhithe's Images of the 4th Dimension - 2020 - The Peoples Museum of 1962 (Script)

On your left you will see a collection of 9 images .

These images are from a set of 200, created between 1985 and 2012 by image archivist Ann Rotherhithe .

They were used in Edwin Abbot seminal 1994 study, titled The Homo Sapien ability to View the fourth dimension.

The history of the images begins in 1984 when Rotherhithe was bitten by a previously undiscovered type of mosquito whilst on holiday in Ibiza .

On returning to work as an image archivist for a library in Canada Water, London, she began to see anomalies inside the two dimensional images. Ann described seeing certain images as shining and brightly coulerd, like luminescent waves moving inside the image.

For over a year Ann carried on as normal, hoping that her hallucinations would go away. When they continued, she visited a series of specialists, from optometrists to psychiatrists. But her condition had never been seen before. The experts were baffled.

Ann’s psychiatrist asked her to record her visions, so that he could try to understand what Ann was seeing. This process led to the creation of the series of images we see today.

Physics professor Edwin Abbot was a specialist in the fields of Spacetime and the 4th dimension. In the summer of 1985 he read a article about Ann Rotherhithe in a scientific journal and instantly came to a conclusion about what it was she was seeing.

Professor Abbot had developed a theory whilst studying at Harvard university. It suggested that by altering the structure of the atoms at the heart of a human cell, it was possible to create human beings capable of moving between dimensions in space and time.

If such a theory was proven to be true, then these super-humans would be capable of teleportation and inter-dimensional travel. The cornerstone of Abbot’s theory was that certain animals already possessed an extra sense, a sense that allowed them to perceive dimensional fluctuations that were occurring naturally all around us.

Abbot was convinced that the mosquito that had bitten Ann Rotherhithe had passed onto her this ability to see through the fabric of reality.

Abbot never found the chemical compound which allowed Anne to see into other dimensions. But he used Anne’s images to study the triggers for these apparent fluctuations.

Abbot analysed the positioning of the affected areas in Ann’s images and came to the conclusion that certain objects and places were more susceptible to dimensional anomalies.

He never completed his hypothesis, and died of pneumonia in the spring of 1994. His partially completed thesis was published in the same year.

Anne continued to produce the images after Abbot’s death. In July 2013 her daughter reported her missing to the police. After an exhaustive search of the local area, she was pronounced legally dead on November 16th 2019.

Her family donated the images to the People’s Museum in December 2020.

Monday, 1 November 2010

A Preview of work to be shown in NOVEMBER


UNIT 11 Hosts


November 4th 2010, 19:00 - 22:00

Unit 11 Space, 124-136 Morning Lane, Hackney, London, E9 6LH

November: the nights rapidly draw in and the shops announce Christmas; beginning with fireworks and ending with advent calendars.

To deviate from these well-trodden proceedings, Unit 11 is playing host to “November”, a short, sharp exhibition that will showcase new art from London-based practitioners. Through a combination of open submissions and a presentation of work from members of The Ministry of Progress, this event aims to present a strong body of ideas spanning multiple art platforms, but with no overriding agenda.

There will also be free beer available on the night.

Originally opened in 2009, Unit 11 is a project space situated in the heart of East London and functions as a blank canvas for flash shows and one-off projects.

Unit 11 is a five minute walk from Hackney Central Overground station and is situated along or near to the following bus routes: 30, 38, 277, 48, 55, 253, 254, 106